Owner Operators/Lease Operators

Do you own your own truck? Do you want to put it to work?

 Barred Rock Ranch has announced the merger with Freedom and Liberty Logistics for 2019.

That means nothing but growth, and we are looking for quality drivers that are looking for a place to call thier own. 

We are actively recruiting owner operators throughout the lower 48 states to haul our dedicated refridgerated freight coast to coast.

With customers on both coasts, our freight is year round and the pay is amazing. 

We offer the miles, the rates and the opportunity to hang your hat with a company that wants to make sure that your decision to join our team will lead to a successful retirement. Our goal is to retire you with our company...Period.

Being an owner operator for the past 27 years, I know what it is like to be lied to, given false promises and taken advantage of. So when I set out to create a company that truly puts the drivers first. The results have been staggering.

Our customers ask for our drivers by name, we are never late... ever, and with our door to door services, we are difficult to beat.

You have already made the committment to be a driver, you have sacrificed time from your families, friends and loved ones, shouldn't you be in a place where family is first?

We offer the following:

 Year round Refrigerated Freight

80% of the total line haul paid to the truck

Up to .18 c discounts on fuel at Pilot/Flying J/Love's

Weekly settlements

Direct Deposit via ACH

No hiddens, you will know exactly what the load pays

No touch freight

No out of pocket lumper fees.

PrePass with Toll road accessablitily

Assistance with Base Plates

Trailer Rental is available at a discounted rate.

Lease Purchase options for Late model Kenworth T680's (subject to avaliablity, credit worthiness, and down payment)

What we ask of you as a driver:

Speak, read and understand english

Excellent time managment

Excellent communication

Paitience, and understanding of the trucking industry. (things happen in trucking and we expect the unexpected)

Professional attitude towards our customers, their staff both the shipper and recievers

Professional Attitude towards our staff, (we are not your enemy but are here to do whatever we can to make you the most successful.)

And, we ask that you want to run, run hard, fast and continusouly.  Our drivers run ungoverned and are able to manage their log books. We have plenty of time to make the pick up and deliveries so time management is imperative to success.

For more info or to submit an application call our offices at 1-866-603-7333 Ext #2 for dispatch.

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Download our driver application at the bottom of this page, Bring your "A" game and lets haul some freight!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!